Teach your kids to give

Show your grandchildren the importance of giving back.

Parents & Grandparents around the country are finding ways — some subtle, some not so subtle — to drive home to their grandchildren the idea that it can be fun to give. Follow these tips to follow their lead.

1. Be a Role Model

The first step toward helping your grandchildren become more charitable is to model charitable behavior for them. Tell your grandchildren about the causes you support and let them see you write a cheque. Better yet, take them along the next time you volunteer.

2. Start Small

Instead of just buying gifts for each other, start your own family foundation. You can put all your charitable giving in one place with a Donor-Advised Giving Program. It is just like establishing your own charitable foundation, without all the hassle. You can give to any charity at any time. Then give your grandchildren a budget, and let them pick which charities your family will give to.

3. Make it Tradition

Call your family together each year before the holidays. At the meeting, encourage everyone to shares what made them happy or sad during the year, and then lobbies for a cause that deserves the family’s philanthropic support in the year ahead.

4. Make It Meaningful

You can turn holiday traditions into opportunities for giving. With a Donor-Advised Giving Program, you can increase your impact by sending emails to friends and family asking them to donate to your foundation. When your friends join,  you will be able to track how much has been raised and print out a report with your progress. So you’re not only doing good, but you’re also increasing your chances of making a significant difference through your foundation.


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