Build Your Charitable Legacy

The advantages of a Donor-Advised Giving Program…


Shape and define your legacy. Whatever your interest, whatever your passion, you can make a difference. Sometimes, a well-placed gift of a few hundred dollars can make all the difference to a charity in the delivery of its programs and services. You don’t have to be wealthy to take action.


Provides you with the opportunity to leave a legacy of giving. By involving your children in your Fund, you are passing on your most essential values – the importance of giving back to your community and helping those less fortunate.


Gives you the flexibility that you need to:

– Support charities close to home and across the country

– Use a variety of different assets:
cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and/or insurance to support your charitable giving

– Involve your family in your philanthropic decision-making, now and in the future


A Donor-Advised Giving Program is meant to help you, the donor, achieve all of your philanthropic objectives. Your fund would be professionally managed and administered.


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