Charitable Foundations

A Charitable Giving Program is designed to provide you with a deliberate and more focused approach to giving.

Hanser Financial offers you the ability to create your foundation while selecting any registered charity or charities, regardless of location or affiliation. You are not locked in to choosing simply one community foundation or faith based association. In fact, you could support both of these causes or others close to your heart!

We also give you the added bonus of having access to numerous money managers and resources for your foundation.

We want to help you build a tax effective legacy at the lowest cost available. The smarter you are about giving, the bigger a difference you can make.

1. Personal Charitable Foundations

2. Build Your Charitable Legacy

3. Tax Benefits Of Giving

4. Private Charitable Foundation or Donor Advised Funds?

5. Teach Your Kids To Give

6. Guidelines for Choosing a Charity