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Planning for the future in order to effectively distribute your wealth at death is an important responsibility that often requires professional input. At Hanser Financial, we have extensive estate planning experience, including leveraging certain tools such as life insurance, to provide funding for your estate, as well as for the transfer of your assets in the most tax efficient manner. This process often uses tax strategies, in conjunction with Wills or Trusts, to minimize taxes at death.

Equally as important as minimizing taxes is making sure that our client’s wishes for their distribution of wealth are met and we are able to do so by carefully looking at their entire profile and family dynamics.

Life insurance can also play a central role in planning for the succession of your business to ensure its liquidity and equitability. Hanser offers strategic planning expertise in this area, with in-depth knowledge on how to use insurance to reduce capital gains tax and provide many more benefits to assist with the succession of the business.

For instance, Hanser Financial provides excellent guidance on how to protect your business from the loss of a partner or owner by using life insurance to fund your Buy/Sell Agreement. Hanser’s sophisticated knowledge of Buy/Sell Insurance and expert resources, such as tax lawyers who review the Buy/Sell Agreement to ensure it is properly structured and tax efficiently funded, will help meet your business continuity objectives.